Interactive Art in Public Spaces


Broken Home began as a collaboration between 3rd year students of Interior Architecture. It was first exhibited at Oxford Brookes University as part of the 2010 Built Environment Graduate Show.

"Exploding the myth of Interior Architecture this domestic domain looks in detail at the many components the interior has to offer, revealing not only structural elements but the personality and soul which are fundamental to interior space."

Original Broken Home Collaborators:

Becky Adjei, Parveer Braich, Adam Brazier, Sofia Burnusuz, Emily Falcon, Rebecca Fulton, Kate Gavrilovic, Alison Gray, Corinne Kramer, Alice Lockerbie, Camille Mandy, Tina Mansour, Lottie Medley, Sophie Pocock, Gemma Roberts, Laila Sheikhzadeh, Kathryn Simms, Rika Sonobe, Cait Sweeney, Rebecca Woods. Tutors: Andrea Placidi, Allan Sylvester.

Initially designed as a one off, Broken home has since been developed by Brookes Graduate Cait Sweeney (Interior Architecture: Design and Practice)